The Rady Lady Foundation, Inc.


Sir Ramse is your  hopeful supporter!   We are so glad Ewe could finally join us,

Sir Ramse!


Sir Ramse is now available for purchase on the Products page!  

Men supporting Women and Men facing or going through a diagnosis of

Breast Cancer
RamseTM is unlike the average Ram,

He's aware of the importance of mammograms.

While awaiting results during their review,
RamseTM is hopeful for a research breakthrough.
RamseTM will listen and be your supporter,
What's been a long day, may feel a bit shorter.
Ramse's heartfelt commitment shows,
While celebrating highs and lifting lows.
RamseTM would rather take on your fears,
But knows faith is stronger and endures for years.  
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  Sir Ramse
 Raising Awareness of Mammograms in Support of Ewe
... and me!!TM