The Rady Lady Foundation, Inc.


Vennie Ramoz, a beloved friend, went to be with the Lord after a 20 year battle with Ovarian Cancer in April, 2013. 

The first sample of

Ms. Vennie arrived on the day Vennie went to be with the Lord.  


Vennie is remembered by inspiring others to persevere, through joy

and laughter.



  Ms. Vennie
My Story: Vennie: Enduring, Noble and Nurturing Into EternityTM




Symptoms sporadic, they come and they go,

Surgery, diagnosis... but, what do they know?


November air, crisp and cold,

Ovarian cancer, '6 months to live', was told.


December chemo: 6 rounds, 21 days apart,

Dr. Plowden and Nurse Elaine..., God's gift to my heart.


Support groups, and a positive circle of friends,

Chip-n-Belles..., laughter that never ends.


'I'm fine', I say, when asked how I am,

Faith by my side, Dr. Williford... God's hand.

Through my window, glows the big moon,
Waves rolling so peaceful, lulled to sleep soon.
Day break dawned, a cloudless sky,
Beautiful sunrise, calms my eyes.
My brother, My friend, loved through and through,
Survivor's guilt... wishing me... not you.
I'm still standing, after 20 years,
Saved by decision for Christ... No fears!


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