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Rady lady is 'Fighting for Ewe!' when going through a diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  She doesn't wish for Ewe to go through this dreadful disease alone!


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Rady LadyTM

Fighting for Ewe!
 For women going through the treatments for breast cancer.
Ewe are Strong!  Ewe are Courageous!  Ewe are Beautiful!
Rady LadyTM learned of your breast cancer diagnosis,
She is right here with you throughout your prognosis.
The options of treatment you chose or were given,
Rady doesn't take lightly pain defined by the ribbon.
Tears unseen or words left unspoken,
Faith heals a heart that a diagnosis has broken.
Keep Rady near while braving the storm,
You are Strong!  You're a Fighter!  This is not the new norm!
Rady came along as a supporter; faith-led,
Hold her close to heart when bowing your head.
Family, friends, altogether.. surviving,
Heart-felt desires - a passion for thriving!
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