The Rady Lady Foundation, Inc.

Rady LadyTM

Ladies Aware of Mammogram BenefitsTM
 For mammogram awareness and women facing or going through a diagnosis of breast cancer.
Rady LadyTM is a doll in the form of a lamb,
Take her along to your annual mammogram
Rady is a reminder to keep you aware,
Of the benefits of mammograms for women everywhere.
Her ribbon-shaped horns bring awareness to cancer,
Should you face the diagnosis, peace through faith is the answer.
Good news or uncertain, let Rady calm your fears,
Just hug her tightly, should your eyes shed tears.
Rady will be there through any distress,
Allow your faith to take care of the rest.
Copyright 2012 Sherry Nance All Rights Reserved

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This company became incorporated and approved by the IRS as an official 501(c)(3) public charity on _4/29/2015__.   The Rady Lady Foundation, Inc. will fund the creation of dolls of various cancer types and other causes, donate dolls to various  cancer treatment centers or other charitable organizations, and provide financial assistance to individuals diagnosed with cancer, or other illnesses and struggling with medical bills.   For a receipt proving a tax deduction, please reach out to Sherry Nance at  



What Started All of This?



It was a passion realized after over 2 years of running a freestanding imaging center. Women seemed to let go of their feelings & emotions, the things they held deep down when the setting allowed them to feel comfortable while having a mammogram. This setting included privacy, learning, expression by journaling, fun by hooping, honor, memory, and participation by securing a pink or yellow ribbon to body forms as instructed by a poem, relief by art, warmth and expertise by professional mammographers and radiologists, and finally...something soft and huggable they could hold and believe in when reading words describing what they were there for...and take along with them.


Sherry Nance, MHA, RT-R,N, CNMT